• Financial Adviser Services.

    Tailored appointment service.
    White label guides.
    Perfect training partner.
    Web design services.

    Financial Adviser Services.
  • A Cost Effective Solution

    We are not just simply an appointment making service.  . We work with you to make sure you have a proper strategy in place to bring in the business you want.

    A Cost Effective Solution
  • Professional Business Connections.

    It’s not what you know that makes the difference, it’s who!  How often have we all heard that before.  Let us do the hard work for you. Don’t spend your time and energy looking for new clients, let the experts make the appointments for you.

    Professional Business Connections.

Are you looking to be connected to professionals and businesses?

Connections For You is a professional appointment making service that works with UK based companies and professionals to gain new clients. We can connect you to industry professionals such as Accountants, Solicitors, Company Directors, Business Owners.


Our connections are aimed to instill growth within your business.

By using our service, you can free up your time to concentrate on other areas of your business, whilst we concentrate on producing your next potential client. On joining Connections For You, we carry out an in-depth fact find on what are your specific requirements and what your ideal connection is. From this information, we will then seek out the correct business connections that match your needs and will arrange a face-to-face meeting where you can present your proposition.  All of our appointments are arranged and confirmed in writing with both parties, even down to the time and place.

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