Getting Started

Our pricing structure

We run a dual pricing structure where you can either pay before your appointment at a discounted rate, or pay after the appointment at the standard rate. We will even give a discount if you choose to buy in bulk. The question that you have to ask yourself is…..can you afford not to be exposed to new opportunities?

Our promise

We promise that each appointment will be booked to the following conditions:

  • All appointments shall be arranged by our industry qualified connections team.
  • Both parties will be informed that the meeting is to explore a long lasting working relationship.¬†There is no guarantee of business being written.
  • Both parties will have agreed to the time and location of the appointment.
  • Each party will have full details of the person they are meeting.
  • In the event that one party is unable to attend, Connections For You will do its upmost to inform the affected party in advance and arrange a new time / location for the appointment, at no extra cost

Call us today and let us make Connections just For You.

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