Re-Working your existing client bank

Connections For You is able to assist our clients in database cleansing and finding new opportunities by “re-working your existing database.

Re-working your database, how it works

Throughout the UK there are thousands of Financial Advisers, Accountants and Solicitors, all holding vast quantities of data on their client bank. Within these client records there will be a percentage of business that is not marked as live, meaning that the client is not actively transacting business for the company.

This is where we can assist. We have created a specialised service where we can re-target your archived clients with a view to re-activate them as new business. This process can be too time consuming for most companies to do in-house, this is why our qualified connectors will work with you to construct the best way forward which adheres to your business ethos.

As this service is tailored to each and every client dependent on their requirements, we are unable to provide fixed costs, but if you are interested in finding out more about how this specialised service can increase your business, feel free to get in touch.

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